Friday, October 20, 2006

Home Again, For Now

Patrick County Booth
Patrick County Booth at the
National Folk Festival

Time does fly in October, with festivals, travel and getting the rabbits ready for the winter. Seems like the days disappear too quickly!

Last weekend I went to Richmond for the National Folk Festival, one of my favorite experiences of the year. This is a tremendous event, with lots of music and special demonstrations featuring the Jamestown Anniversary this year. Patrick County set up a booth in the Virginia Tourism Corporation tent, and if I'm not biased I think it was the nicest booth I saw. Bull Mountain Arts, also from Patrick County and set up in the Round the Mountain Artisans' Guild area, also did a fantastic job setting up a beautiful booth under difficult conditions.

We worked this weekend, but it was a lot of fun demonstrating spinning and talking to people. And selling yarn and felting batts. Back home at the shop it was busy, too, with lots of folks coming out and enjoying the fall colors. This weekend should be beautiful; the leaves are at their peak and marvelous around Meadows of Dan.

The rest of the week has been busy, of course, with bunny haircuts, store stuff and following a tour bus from rock church to restaurant to get pictures because of a tour that my mom was helping with. A bus tour company in Roanoke was interested in conducting a tour of the beautiful rock churches founded and aided by Robert Childress. His story was told in a book called The Man Who Moved a Mountain.

This morning I walked dogs under clouds tinged pink by a rising sun, and a scattered rain fell across the fields. I looked up to see a rainbow arching over the fall brilliance of the leaves.

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