Thursday, October 12, 2006


Cloudy Skies and Brilliant Colors
Changing Colors

The colors are changing fast here in the Blue Ridge. I went to town on Tuesday and drove though the gorgeous hills of Floyd County. I enjoyed the gold, yellow, and green hues, and the sight of some good old boys lounging by their pickup trucks by the side of the road, acknowledging my passing with a nodding bill cap. Today the wind is wildly blowing the trees and leaves are skittering across the porch and romping across the roads.

Speaking of Floyd County, Colleen over at Loose Leaf Notes mentioned that there will be a blogger's meeting today. Wish I could go, especially as it is a beautiful day. But I have to work, and tomorrow I'm heading off to the National Folk Fair in Richmond. If anyone out there is coming (and you should, it's fabulous!) stop in at the Virginia Tourism Corporation tent, or at Round the Mountain, and say hello!

Changes Inside; Straightening for Winter
More Changes, Cleaning and Cleaning

We have heat! Again. This time I hope it works. I love this old house but it's cold, and after troubles all last winter with the gas heat I decided to put in baseboards. Which meant the house needed to be straightened up. So I rearranged the living room, just because it was already torn up, and fixed myself a little work corner near my big old chair. I'm getting quite a collection of spindles!

Living room, shabby floor but neater!
Room for Living

This is the time of year I do want the house nice, as darker days close in and I need a cozy place for tea and evening times. The old floor needs painting again; I might manage that this winter, although puppy paws are a threat to any surface!

Quiet Evening
Spaniel Coziness

The house would be neater without the Spaniel and Lab paws, but I don't think I could do without them. Right now I don't have a house cat, either, which seems a bit lonesome! The cockatiel has been quiet lately because of the darker days; he was cheerful and noisy this morning when the sun came out and he wanted a share of my morning toast.

Fall Decorations
Fall Decorations

Sue has these pumpkins down at the market, and I couldn't resist the ones with the hand painted faces from a local artist. I had to buy two of the cat ones. The white pumpkins are gorgeous and she has some neat gourds and winter squash.

Check in at Fiber Femmes for more news about the business and how fall is shaping up!

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