Thursday, October 05, 2006

Away, away and back again

My Booth at McLean Community Center Celebrate Virginia Festival
Greenberry House Booth at McLean

Off and running again last weekend; left Friday morning early to travel to Tazewell to meet up with Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm. Lovely drive, especially since I had expected rain holding over from a terrific storm on Thursday night that apparently covered the state. The morning was beautiful, though; I loaded up in cool breezes and headed out before daylight. I reached Tazewell as the sun broke through the clouds over the mountains; beautiful!

It's always wonderful to visit the cove and become reacquainted with how beautiful the farm is, and with all the lively creatures. Abby the Jack Russell terrier hopped up on the truck, looking for the bunnies I was transporting to buyers in Northern Virginia. She was easily distracted by all the activity as we transferred my load to Sandra's vehicle, and soon we were on the road. We talked fiber and folk and girl stuff all the way up the road; a delightful time!

We stayed with my delightful friends, Kate and Gerry, in Annandale about fifteen minutes away from the show. They spoiled us rotten, cooking and catering and taking us out, and we had a wonderful time. Kate even entertained one of the bunny buyers until we came back from the show.

Sandra's Booth at Same
Sandra's Booth at McLean

Saturday, unfortunately, dawned wet and cool, but we managed to set up without much trouble and both of us were soon spinning away. I wrapped myself up in my angora and alpaca cape and was glad I had tucked it into a basket; a rug to protect my lap while I was carding to blend angora with wool served as a welcome blanket! The crowd was small, and they missed a fantastic show of wonderful and innovative music. I enjoyed talking to the people that did come; many of them were quite young and it was interesting to visit with them and see how very different life is for youthful families in the city. I didn't get a chance to see the rest of the festival, but we were near the stage and I enjoyed the music acts all day.

Sunday morning Kate and Gerry sent us off with a terrific breakfast and Gerry loaned me an interesting book (he's always good for those!) and we set off in the sunshine for home. The trip across from Lexington to West Virginia on I-64 was breathtaking at times because of the mountain views and the hints of color in the leaves. Soon enough we were back in Tazewell, and it didn't take long for me to pack up and head toward home. Lily had been naughty and made it clear she was NOT happy that I had been away. Monday morning she was her cheerful self, and we had a romp and tug-of-war on the living room couch.

Home again, watching the leaves begin to change
Home Again

The leaves are starting to change, and there is a feel of fall in the air. Asters and golden rod have replaced Queen Anne's Lace and ironweed in the fields. One night this week I walked the dogs under an incredible moonlit sky. Mist blanketed the fields, deep and thick, curving and ebbing, with tendrils reaching out under the brilliant sky.

Yet one more last rose of summer
Yet another last rose clinging to the vine

The daylight hours have been warm, with just a hint of the brisk days to come. I've been shearing rabbits and dyeing felting batts, cleaning house and working. Monday I sneezed all day; one of the fatal flaws of fall!

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