Friday, September 22, 2006

Time Is Flying

Shetland Wool Roving
Hand Painted Shetland Wool Roving

here on the mountain. Anyone else noticing that the days are just flying by? Seems like yesterday it was hot summer; now it's fall and the cool days are wonderful!

I've been dyeing; had a cold or annoying allergies this week and haven't felt like doing anything but got the dyeing tackled, anyway. I hand painted some Shetland roving in my crock pot; really liked the soft colors that came out. I hope to get it rolled up today into four ounce lots.

Shetland Wool Roving
Shetland Wool Roving

I liked the soft blue-green so much in the painted roving that I dyed the last of the Shetland that I have here that color. I'm trying to build up some stock for the McLean show; I sold a lot of stuff the last few weeks. I've been busy making hats and pocketbooks as well as dyeing.

It's a cool, gray morning. There are a few leaves changing in the trees near the Parkway and the fields are slowing giving over to gold from green. Last night I walked the dogs under a low dark sky. When the stars are out they are brilliant, shining like a winter sky in the cold.

More about dyeing and the business at Fiber Femmes blog later today.

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