Sunday, September 03, 2006

Saturday Sky and Festival!

Saturday Sky
Saturday Sky

We had an absolutely stunning, beautiful day for the Chinquipin Festival and Grand Opening of the Corn Maze. After the threat of the hurricane and three days of rain, a morning dawning crisp and clear was welcome and a relief!

The signs, finally up!
The signs, up at last

It has been a busy, busy week. We finished up the signs on Sunday, and got them up. It made an immediate difference in the traffic at the shop. I think some people thought it was my house! I love the way the signs turned out, even though we made a couple of goofs and didn't put all the bits and pieces on. Simplicity is best for folks like us, and the big sign for the permanent building will be done professionally!

Greenberry's Blueberry Belle
Greenberry's Blueberry Belle

Lousy picture of one of my favorite rabbits; young Belle produces such quantities of rich blue fiber. I have the bags I got from her at the festival this weekend and everyone has been oohing and ahhing.

Chinquipin Festival booth
Chinquipin Festival, my booth

And it's festival time again, with the grand opening of the Corn Maze as a highlight to the weekend. I have lots more pictures on Flickr; go over and have a look if you have time.

Hunter and the golf cart
Hunter and the Golf Cart

Hunter stayed busy all day running errands and ferrying people around with the golf cart loaned by a local dealer. He was such a great help!

Corn Maze Grand Opening!
Ready for the speeches

Lots of people attended the opening ceremonies, and several distinquished guests spoke about the importance of tourism to our area and about The Crooked Road and 'Round the Mountain tourism inititives. Several people from both organizations attended and I was able to talk to some interesting folks with great ideas.

Ribbon Cutting; the maze is open and ready to go!
The Ribbon Cutting

All of the officials gathered around as Sue cut the ribbon and Jeannie, our county's tourism director proclaimed the opening of "Patrick County's First Corn Maze with the Crooked Road!" or nearly that. The day got busy after that and I didn't get the chance to find out how things went with the corn maze, but I saw lots of people heading that direction.

It was a great day; lots of fiber people around and I talked until I was hoarse. As usual!

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