Friday, September 08, 2006

Making a Living....

Sock Yarn
Special Order Sock Yarn

sure gets in the way of the important things. Like blogging. And reading other blogs; really miss that! It's a good thing I enjoy what I do so much!

The Christmas special orders are gearing up, and I've been working to catch up with some of the things I've promised to do this fall. The sock yarn went off to Bristol; hope the customer is pleased with it! I liked the way they all turned out; I'm thinking of calling the yarn on the left "Almost Hokie" because it has purple in with the orange and maroon.

Angora/Merino Blend Millspun
Smoky Blues and Gray

I took one day off for dyeing this week, and finished the last of the angora/merino blend I had spun by Still River Mill. The yarn pictured above was painted in my crockpot, with gradients of blue-gray. Different from my usual product but I like the effect.

Cougar Green!

I also had a special request for deep green yarn to go with my gold for a Grandma that was making things for her special grandchild. Apparently they are involved with Patrick County's Cougar sports!

The rest of the week has been busy: I put more things out at the shop after a busy weekend and took care of paperwork. Fiber Femmes new issue is on-line and there are some fantastic articles and some great patterns. I made Cathy's Fillet Mesh Crocheted Scarf from some silk-angora blend yarn from Chris at Woolybuns, who is also featured in an article. And I got to talk about my favorite German Angoras; what could be better?

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Cathy said...

I'd love to see you model the bunny scarf. All your dyeing is so yummy.