Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Corriedale Roving and Shetland
Corriedale and Shetland Rovings

I got home yesterday evening after a busy day at the shop to find a bulging box of roving from Wooly Knob Fiber Mill. I sent a Corriedale fleece from Rising Meadow Farm in North Carolina and a Shetland fleece from Thistle Cove Farm and had them processed separately. They both turned out beautifully; the Shetland is SO soft and the Corriedale is an amazing rich light brown. I only managed to wind one ball of the white Shetland last night but got two pounds of the Corriedale done. The Shetland is a lovely color, but I think I may dye a little of it, since I don't have any other roving around. I might even dye a little of the Corriedale, although the gorgeous natural color seems too perfect!

Thanks, everyone, for taking a morning walk with me and Lily!

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