Thursday, August 17, 2006

Maze Adventures

The little plane with the big job
Getting ready to fly by Meadows of Dan

This little plane went up Monday with my brother and a friend so that they could take pictures of the corn and hay bale maze for promotions and advertising, and to have a record of all that hard work. I didn't realize at the time it was flying around town that it was quite this small. I am not fond of flying, although I'll do it. I love to visit other places but I don't really enjoy the process of getting there. I think these guys were pretty brave to fly off in this little thing; I don't think I would have managed it!

Getting the pictures
Flying By!

We all had to run out when we heard the plane Monday afternoon and see it as it circled. I haven't seen the pictures yet but Sue says they're great; can't wait to know how the rest of the maze looks, besides what I can see out the bedroom window. They have had a few anxious days between slow growing corn and possible bear visits, but the maze really looks good now. The grand opening, with all sorts of dignitaries and music, is scheduled for Labor Day Weekend. It should be a great show! I'm also hoping that they got some good pictures of the town from the air; I think it would be neat to have those for the web sites.

I've spent my week with computers. Mom has a very nice new one; I'm green with envy. We finished setting it up last night. The aunt on the hill had some electrical problems last week and now her computer won't start; I suspect a power surge and hope the computer doctor can manage a repair. At the shop I'm still working on inventory of books, and I also spent some time this week doing data entry for the hardware store. Not much work with the spinning wheel or the rabbits this week, but the cooler weather has made the bunnies much happier. I lost a senior doe yesterday morning; one of the older rabbits that I'd grown very fond of for her slightly sassy disposition. Cheshire was over four years old and had seemed a little unwell for some time. She continued to eat pretty well until a couple of days ago but just didn't seem quite like herself. Sometimes you just get a feeling that things aren't going well with a rabbit, but there isn't a lot that can be done if it's a heart problem, or cancer. Cheshire didn't seem to be suffering; she was just quieter than normal. We'll miss her here!

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