Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hey, y'all, remember me?

JAG socks on a visit
JAG Socks, pattern by Cathy Clark

Where on earth do I begin? It has been SUCH a long time since I've been here, and I feel all out of practice and unsettled. But I'm working on getting blogging back into the day!

Right before my sudden disappearance JAG came for a visit, and brought along the wonderful socks that Cathy made for her. Although I really liked the pattern in the pictures, the socks were even better up close. The shells are terrific and these are real socks; if it ever cools down enough to wear them they look like they will be comfortable.

Awesome pattern

Closeup of shells, and a just for JAG touch.

Dueling Wheels
Sandra and Leslie in Abington

This past weekend I met Sandra in Abington and we shared a booth for a Fiber Arts Festival that was held in conjunction with the big Virginia Highlands Festival. We had a terrific time enjoying all the folks that came by and comparing spinning notes and talking up a storm. More about the weekend will be on Fiber Femmes, probably tomorrow.

Greenberry House
Greenberry House Temporary Home

Adn now for the reason I've been off-line so long. The shop that we've been building is moving along v-e-r-y slowly; it doesn't look like much is going to happen for the next few months at the house. So one day, after some discussions with several people about several subjects totally unrelated (what gets your brain going is strange sometimes), I decided to ask the owner of this building if I could rent it and put in a temporary shop. He wasn't willing to rent the entire building, but I did get two rooms. So as of this coming Saturday Greenberry House has a more solid existence, with stuff right out where we can see it, instead of out in the space of the Internet.

Books and Prints
Books, and books and books...

And so I've been cleaning and stacking and stocking, while waiting for the Internet connection to be moved up from the house to the shop. Good thing I was busy; being disconnected is a strange feeling. I've really missed visiting blogs!

Stuff for sale
And bottles, and Avon stuff and dolls and toys....

There's still quite a lot to do before I open on Saturday; right now a great little wicker display piece that favorite cousin gave me is drying in the sunshine, ready for a new paint job. I have silver to polish and put up, more glassware to wash, and even more books to price and put away. A big change from spinning my days away.

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