Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Days Off

Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers in the bunny shed

It was a beautiful day yesterday; breezy and sunny, with a sudden summer shower that gave me a chance to curl up on the couch with Lily and read for a time. I sheared my lovely Autumn Joy, to her relief, and was able to move her to a cage of her own after selling several rabbits on Monday. Her babies are all reserved, except for the little lynx that I'm keeping for myself, because she had an ear collapse.

This summer has been hard on bunny ears. It's called summer ear by some but often the ears drop and just don't come back up. I've had some pop right back and some stay down the last couple of years, but it has been warmer than normal. The little lynx dropped an ear so she's staying; I don't intend to breed her. I also have a magnificient young pure German buck with an ear that fell; he's staying, too. The dropped ears don't seem to bother the rabbits; it just gives them a dorky appearance!

Hay Bale Maze
Hay Bale Maze

I cleaned bunny trays yesterday, walked the dogs and played with them and just generally had a 'day off' from the computer. Checked emails and that's about it. I watched sister-in-law Sue and nephew Hunter working hard all day, though. They're putting up a kid's hay bale maze for the fall season. Hunter designed it; you can't really tell well from this picture but it's a tractor. Very well done, with the path winding through the wheels and lots of dead ends!

Quiet evening, with a book at my elbow and crocheting, while Lily napped at my feet and TJ gnawed his chew toy nearby. This morning I plunged back into busyness; updating the bunny sale page with the few bunnies that are left for sale and hauling more books to the shop for cataloging. Today will be another day off, though; I'm running away to play with favorite cousin.

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