Monday, August 14, 2006

After the Folk Fair Weekend

It rained on Saturday. Not a complete disaster but a bit uncomfortable here and there. I didn't take the camera because of the rain but I think my sister-in-law got some good pictures of the horse and wagon ride and some of the other activities. Lots of people around, in spite of the rain, and we had a good day at the craft show and at the shop. The hay bale maze was a hit with the kids and there was lots of great music throughout the day. I had a great time visiting all the people that came to the fair in spite of the weather. Fortunately it stopped raining up in the morning and the overcast skies kept things cool.

Fine wool with a little mohair
Fine wool and mohair singles

I've been spinning a HUGE one pound ball of roving that I bought at the Shenandoah Fiber Festival back in May. This is what I got done while I was at Abington a couple of weekends ago, and since then I've spun two more bobbins in a finer single as a special order for a customer. This is going to be a beautiful, interesting yarn and several people commented on the colors in passing the wheel.

Shetland/Mohair single
Shetland/Mohair Single

The same customer also bought the last of the roving I had for sale and asked me to spin this up as well. I'm really enjoying spinning this; it's the last of the Shetland/mohair roving I hand painted from Lura at Friendship Farm. There's also a nice purple ball in line to be spun. I'm hoping to finish these off this week and ply them. Another project I'm working on is some dark blue angora to be plied with fine wool for what I hope will be an interesting yarn. And I'm working on a scarf from the pattern that Cathy Clark submitted for our next issue of Fiber Femmes! I'm using the gorgeous silk and angora yarn that Chris from Woolybuns gave me for winning a contest on her blog.

I heard rumors that there was going to be a Bloggers Convention West up in the wilds of Central Virginia but I haven't had a chance to check the details. Sorry to have missed it!

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Hannah said...

That will be really luscious yarn!

I love summer fairs and festivals when it is drizzling. Wish I had been there!