Friday, July 14, 2006

Summer past!

Our morning walk
Morning Walk (click any photo to enlarge)

Summer days, bright sunshine, occasional thunderstorms and time filled with activity. This week has been one of meetings and pleasant outings; time spent away from the farm but necessary. Every morning lately I've been taking Lily for a walk. Her favorite stroll these days is along the woods by the corn maze. Malachi, our resident black cat, has moved down to the old grainery and spends most of his time around the corn maze. He comes along on our walks, darting into the stand of corn that is growing taller and playing hide and seek.

You can't see me!
Slipping through the corn

Here I am!
And back out to visit with us!

Lily joins the fun
Lily inside the maze

The design has been cut into the corn field; from my window I can see the curve of the banjo head and the crooks of the road. I took Lily a little way into the field for a photo; she had a bath yesterday morning and looks all curly.

It was a lovely morning, with barn swallows darting above us, bumble bees tumbling over red clover in the field and light clouds scattered over the sky. A breeze whispered through the corn stalks.

Drying in the yard
Painted Yarn

I filled a crock pot on Wednesday with yarn and dye, searching for a combination that would suggest rhododendrons. I left it to simmer and went off on a fibery adventure with Sandra and Linda. We had a splendid day; there's nothing like fiber fun with special friends. When I came back I found that the purple had mutated into lovely shades, but none of them suggest rhododendron. I like the yarn, anyway!

Hand painted 50% merino-50% Angora Yarn
50% merino/50% Angora Mill Spun Yarn

I went down to visit with Mom and Wendell yesterday evening. Mom was away, checking on her aunt in Stuart, and so I sat down to talk to Wendell for a little while. Soon we heard my uncle calling from the basement; Wendell went down and then I heard him calling. An unwelcome visitor was slipping along the floor joists. I thought he was beautiful but the fellows didn't agree. So we caught him and I put him in a bag to bring home. I didn't think to take a picture of him but here's one from the Ohio History Central Encyclopedia site. (Spoiler: if you don't like snakes don't go there.) I turned him loose down by the grainery, since he seemed to like buildings!

Spinning for the week
Two Ply Coopworth Yarn, Natural Color

I spent the evenings this week plying the Coopworth singles I've been spinning at the craft tent. This is the last of this lovely fleece; I've really enjoyed the silvery colors and easy spinning of this roving. I should finish this up tonight and then it will be time to start something new!

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