Thursday, July 06, 2006

Since the Rainbows

Crafts in the Meadows
Crafts in the Meadows

It has been a colorful time! Busy times getting ready for a craft festival in the field over the holiday weekend, involving lots of dyeing and winding yarn. Good times, nice folks and great conversations. I met my new neighbors, young people that I think will be quite an asset to the area! Blue, white and yellow tents in the fields, alpacas, jewelry, colorful fabric and yarn to attract attention.

Yarn Display
Yarn Display

I did some more remodeling of my booth space, and was particularly happy with my new yarn display. JAG's mother gave me a screen door, and I used it to hang rows of yarn, mostly handspun at the moment. The picture is too yellow; thanks to being under the tent, but you can get the idea!

New Yarn!
Millspun Yarn!

My shipment of yarn came in on Thursday last week, from Still River Mill, and I'm very happy with their work! This was a blend of the Angora from my Germans and a lovely merino fleece from Thistle Cove Farm. I washed some up for the weekend and it is very soft; I'll be doing a lot of dyeing in the next couple of weeks!

Gift from local spinner!

A local spinner has been coming to visit me at the craft tent occasionally, and I've really enjoyed her company and talking to her. This weekend she presented me with this lovely ball of roving. Someone had given it to Goodwill and it was passed along to her. The color is wonderful, deep blue in some lights and purple in others. We don't know what the fiber is, some sort of soft wool but I'm going to enjoy working with it. Right now I'm finishing up some Coopworth that I had processed awhile back; time it was used!

The rest of the holiday was spent in visiting friends up north and catching up with their news. I'm glad to be home, with a snoozing spaniel by my feet and my spinning wheel to hand! I did manage to get the Fiber Femmes magazine up by the July 1 deadline. There are some terrific articles; some neat patterns, a great interview with a special Fiber Femme and some good informational pieces. Y'all go take a look!

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