Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Sky

Saturday Sky, Blue Ridge Mountains

I've been trying not to yield to temptation, but the sky this morning was just too gorgeous to resist. So here's to Sandy and her Saturday Sky web ring, which I just joined. Another beautiful ring to wander!

Quiet morning here; I have a wedding this afternoon so I'm just taking care of odds and ends. Lily and I went for a long walk along the edge of the field. She has been a little fussy lately, and I think it's because she wants some time away from TJ. So I've been talking her out by herself, and she really enjoys wandering along with me. Our black cat came out of the woods and followed us along the edge of the corn maze field, tail upright and purring loudly.

The dye pots have been bubbling. I'm enjoying the new yarn from Still River; take a look over at the Fiber Femmes blog to see how the first skeins turned out!

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