Monday, July 10, 2006

M is for ....

Wedding Party

Saturday I performed a lovely wedding ceremony, with vows written by the couple and surrounded by their closest family and friends. I've known the groom a long time; as a wonderful friend he has been part of some of the best experiences of my life. The bride is a lovely treasure that has enriched his life and I think this marriage will be a blessing to all.

Beneath the Rhododendron
Mushroom (or Toadstool; I never know the difference)

A drive up the Parkway on Sunday was lovely; the rhododendron are blooming wildly along the road and it was a cool, breezy day. I spent the morning at the craft tent, spinning up silver Coopworth, then headed out for some necessary errands. In the evening I wound yarn into skeins. Today I really need to start cleaning this house, but I really want to put more fiber up on my web page. I've got yarn soaking, too, with visions of rhododendron flower colors dancing in my head!

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