Friday, June 30, 2006

Still Chasing Rainbows

Double rainbows in the sky!
Double rainbows over the farm

This has been a rainbow year. I came home from a pleasant walk with my young friend, who is house sitting in the remote valleys of Floyd, to see this lovely rainbow arching over the farm. As I reached the Parkway bridge a brilliant flash of lightning shattered the sky behind the rainbow's end. I rushed for the camera and to rescue TJ, dancing by the door.

A complete bow, although I couldn't get it all
Chasing rainbows and the elusive

Chasing rainbows is a term often spoken with scorn, but I've always had a respect for rainbow hunters. Capturing a dream is as elusive as reaching the end of a rainbow; sometimes it's difficult to know just what the dream might be. And few of those outside the dream realize the hard work that goes into making a dream a reality.

I've been watching some dreamers lately, as they pursue their rainbows. Each person or group is amazing, reaching for ideas and goals that are as brilliant as a rainbow's colors. The creative spirit soars far beyond paint, thread, paper and pen, arching up like a rainbow to lift dreams into reality. Rainbow chasers pursue a different existence, beyond self and structure, beyond safety. Catching a rainbow dream is as elusive as pursuing it; you may never quite know when you achieve success. But the real fun is the chase!


Cathy said...

Of course it won't surprise you that my first truck was called Rainbow.

Hannah said...

LOOK at those rainbows! Great pics!