Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Staying in touch

My Booth at the Round the Mountain Conference
Round the Mountain Conference

Monday Sue and I headed out again, this time to Abington for a joint conference with Round the Mountain and The Crooked Road projects. We set up as demonstrators, along with quilters, carvers, a blacksmith, a broom maker, and several musical instrument makers. Most of the people there were folks that had been working with the steering committees for the projects, but it was a nice opportunity for more casual interaction with the group. I had a lovely time talking to a member of the quilters' guild, and Dave from Ripples, who is now Executive Director of the Jacksonville Center, stopped by with his lovely wife. Dave has posted an entry about the purposes and results of the meetings on his blog. I have a little more about the day posted at Fiber Femmes.

Yesterday I woke up early, ready to tackle lots of backed up chores, including laundry. And found out that there was no water. Wading through wet grass a few times to the springhouse and shutting things on and off, I finally determined that there's a broken pipe under the bathroom. So I'm running down to Mom's for showers and stuff. I can keep the water on to the kitchen and outside faucet, so the bunnies are OK. Country life!

The rest of the day was spent on computer chores, spinning, and shearing a lovely bunny. Had a nice walk with friend Kym and then dinner at a local restaurant, where we discovered that our favorite guy is no longer involved with the business. Kind of a bummer, although the food was still good. This particular young fellow was quite an asset to the restaurant, and we could tell that the other patrons missed his presence, too. Favorite cousin and several of her lovely nieces came in just as we were finishing, and it was great to see them and find out what was going on.

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