Monday, June 05, 2006

Some Days are like this....

Gorgeous silk/angora blend yarn
Woolybuns silk/angora blend yarn

Some mornings just start out complicated and go downhill from then on. I wanted to sleep late(r); woke up at 6 and that was that. Dad was already up, on crow discouraging detail for the corn maze field, so I took the dogs out and put Lily on her rope in the yard. When I came back in I discovered there was no water in the house. Waded through the field in grass over my head to the spring house; couldn't get the pump started. Dad had to go, which means some maneuvering to get him down into the spring house. He managed to get the pump started, but as we came back out he saw my precious Lily running up the road. Fortunately she thought it was interesting that we were wandering around in the field so she came running to see what was going on. The rope had broken and she took a ramble!

This is the kind of morning when a soft skein of gorgeous yarn is a comfort, after you've finally dealt with everything you have to deal with and have your best spaniel back in her place under the desk. The skein of yarn above has been lying on my compter all week because I can't let it out of my sight. It's a wonderful blend of silk and angora from Woolybuns. Chris says I won a secret contest on her blog that I didn't even know I entered! The color is just amazing, too, but the softness and shimmer of angora and silk are not to be described!

Yesterday's craft tent was quiet, but the whole town was a bit slow due to a weather forecast of showers. A bit windy, but not as bad as the day before. An early afternoon shower made things chilly, but it was fun to sit under the tent and spin, while the rain pattered on the tent roof. Not so bad as when the thunderstorms came! The sun came out and warmed things up. Then, as more clouds gathered later, we packed up and I went down the mountain to shear friend Kym's rabbit, Hannah, and walk in the late evening.

For more about projects and bunny house news, visit Fiber Femmes blog. I'm replacing my Greenberry House Days and Dreams blog with this one, so y'all just don't even start about interventions. Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm and I are working this one together, in support of a new project, which is sort of explained on the blog.

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