Sunday, June 25, 2006

Seems that the busier I am...

the less I have to write about. I look back over the past week and think, what happened? Time flew by, and I suppose I got things done, but I can't see them! I had to make a trip to Northern Virginia and that took up two days of mostly driving time in very hot weather without air conditioning in the pickup.

Some of my week was spent working with TJ, who is growing like a weed and needs to learn some discipline. His attention span is a little longer than a nanosecond now so we've been doing some work on the leash. He's trying really hard and can manage to take a few steps with me without bolting against the choke collar now. After we get done, he flies across the field with all the energy he has to restrain so he can obey me! Yesterday we worked on how to behave in the car.

Yesterday was a great day. Because of dire weather forecasts we didn't set up the craft tent, which was a bit disappointing, but it was like being given an extra day in the week. I knocked out a bunch of work in the bunny barn, emptying trays and straightening cages. And playing with bunnies. Then I spent the rest of the day setting the twist on yarn that I had plied during the week and spinning up some odds and ends of roving. The camera is charging right now, so when I get the chance I'll post pictures at Fiber Femmes of the finished yarns.

Today it's raining; a lazy spaniel is snoring beneath my desk. We had a big storm last night and Lily woke me at 3; I unplugged the computer and brought her back to bed with me, where she huddled against my side and growled back at the thunder. TJ is playing with a toy on the sofa, and the weather is settling in for rain. I plan to paint some Coopworth handspun after finishing the usual morning bunny chores. And I hope to do some laundry, since it's cool, and maybe some more spinning. The week looks busy, again!

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