Friday, June 16, 2006

K is for....

Keeping Journals

I don't remember when I first starting keeping journals, or diaries, as they were called when I was a teenager. I have one that is very sketchy and incomplete, with no dates and large lettered entries about cats, that must be from childhood. The teenage years are full of the usual angst and self-centered rants, while the journals of the next few years are mostly story ideas, poems and bits of description and dialogue. Some journals have only a few months between their covers, while others span a year or so. I notice that when things were difficult I wrote less, and that I wrote much less when I was married.

Journaling is a most conceited thing, especially blogging. Putting down thoughts and experiences, from such a simple, ordinary life. But sometimes I think that examining the ordinary, taking a closer look at the why, who and how, makes the ordinary become unique. My favorite blogs, listed in the sidebar, are the personal journals that reveal day to day life, and the special way each person has of looking at their lives and the quiet rhythms of passing days.

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