Monday, June 12, 2006

Home...and Gone Again

Beginning to lay the block
Putting together corners for a foundation

It seems that June is going to be as busy as all those other months that have flown by. Since my last entry we've had some work done at the store and gone to Savannah and back. The block man never showed up, but my excellent step-father came out and set the corners for the foundation so we can finally get going on the shop project. Then he found another block man who is coming next weekend to help finish the thing. Much relief here!

We dashed down to Savannah on Friday for a Civil War collectibles show. Quick trip; we didn't get to see much of what I'm sure is a lovely city. But it's a long way and I had to be back yesterday to check on bunny litters and get ready for the Round the Mountain Conference today. We had a good show and met some interesting people. It was much hotter than we are used to, though, and nice to get back up on the mountain to the fresh breezes!

The rest of the week and weekend were about making things and dyeing. I finished two purses at the show and painted some roving and dyed some angora on Wednesday. Pictures of the dye projects are over at Fiber Femmes.

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