Monday, May 15, 2006

Week End

Rainbow over the fields
Rainbow Over the Fields

We had a nice weekend, in spite of the fact that not many people were moving around on the mountain. If the TV stations even mention rain, folks don't show up. But I got a lot of spinning done; finished two skeins of Coopworth and I also finished my crocheted rug and chair pad. The corcheted part of a little purse is finished as well. Pictures tomorrow.

One of my favorite does, Autumn Joy, had a litter on Saturday. Pictures of them, too, probably tomorrow if it gets light enough outside. She fussed a good bit Saturday morning, carrying hay around. When I went to check on her, she had moved all the hay out of the nest box into a corner of the cage. I put the hay back and moved the nest box to her chosen corner. That made her happy and when I went back six healthy looking bunnies were squirming in a pile of her wool in the nest box.

Rainbow's End
Rainbow's End

Early Sunday morning we had a thunderstorm. Lily sat beside me on the bed, guarding me from the weird noises and flashes. She used to be brave about storms but during the last couple of years they upset her. So she pretends to be protecting me, growling back at the thunder while she sits pressed as close to my side as she can get.

It was sunny by the time I was supposed to go to the tent, so I loaded up the truck with the spinning wheel. After a few last minute chores in the house, I came back out to see half a dozen little birds perched on the wheel and tailgate of the truck. They scattered when they saw me; I would have loved a picture. I think they wanted the tuft of wool at the end of my yarn, so I went back inside and found some loose wool for them. It disappeared during the morning.

Pot o' Gold
Pot 'o Gold

We set up and the sun lasted awhile, then clouds drifted across the sky. We weren't too worried until it started getting darker, then we moved things into the center of the tent. Pretty soon there was a flash of lightning that looked like it hit down in the hill below the tent. Dad went home to rescue TJ, who was outside, and Sue and I fled to the truck. Lots of thunder and lightning, and then hail that was a little larger than a pea clattered over the truck and danced on the pavement of the road. It didn't last long, but long enough to get some of our stuff wet and make us decide to pack up and head for home. Not many people around anyway.

Lily was annoyed when I got home, because she had to sit through this storm by herself. So to apologize I took her to town with me and we went grocery shopping. On the way we stopped by to say hello to Mom and Wendell and wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day. I ran into Judith and went by her lovely house to set her up as a contributor to the Blue Ridge Gazette. Judith is a Naturopath and we're looking forward to her articles.

Rainbow over the hills
Rainbow Over the Hills of Home

It was raining again when I got home, and I hurried down to the bunny house to check on things and feed everyone. It was so pleasant working in the barn with the rain clattering on the roof, while the rabbits munched peacefully on their carrots. The sun came out as I left the barn, silvering the shower. I looked up to see a rainbow arching across the farm, from the road to the woods, and ran for my camera.

We settled in for a quiet evening, with rain and thunder outside at times. When I took TJ out for his last ramble of the day the stars were out and clouds were moving lazily across the sky. This morning it is overcast and cool; more rain expected today.

I heard from some of Cyndy's friends about how things are going at Riverrim. The news is encouraging; Cyndy's husband is doing very well. Much better than first expected, apparently. Cyndy thanks you all for your warm thoughts and prayers. There will be a long recovery period, it seems, and still some anxious times ahead, so if you have time spare a thought toward Riverrim.

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