Friday, May 12, 2006


And a lovely, cool morning! I hurried through work on the computer, and am hoping to head outside in a few minutes to enjoy the day. Much rain lately, needed but fogging up the mountain and my head. No walking, which makes me lazy!

While things have been quiet here, it's been interesting elsewhere. Check over at Blue Ridge Muse for a frightening tale of an unusual and daring daylight break-in, right in the middle of the peaceful town of Floyd. Bloggers met in Floyd, peaceably, as reported over at Ripples. Sorry I had to miss the meeting. Lots more news on blogs everywhere; check out the sidebar and visit my blogging buddies. Everything from dyeing to puppies is being discussed.

It's Friday here, which means I'm getting ready for another weekend at the craft tent, hoping it won't rain. Some roving to wind into bumps, a gorgeous doe to shear, and maybe some bunny trays to shovel out. A typical and beautiful day!

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