Monday, May 01, 2006

Springfest 2006

Greenberry House
My Booth at Springfest

We had a beautiful weekend, although the chilly temperatures reminded us that it was still a mountain spring. All the time and effort getting things together for the festival were more than repayed with fun times and a bit of profit. Saturday was sunny but windy, but folks came out for Kettle Corn and the horticultural talks. I wound up with a nice "Flowering Tobacco" that Sue won in a drawing and gave to me. It was my color, after all!

Greenberry House
Greenberry House, Springfest 2006

I totally changed my booth for this year. We have a lot of repeat customers and I've been thinking that tables just don't display things as well as getting things up at eye level. So I painted some shutters and put some fabric on a screen, and I added another shelf unit. Sales were pretty good in spite of the cool weather. I was surprised to sell painted roving through the weekend. There was a spinner that came out all the way from Kentucky who bought some roving, and a sweet local lady who also bought roving and sat and visited with me awhile. Painted china was another item that went well; I'm going to be working on both roving and china this week. This was the opening for the Mountain Meadow Farm and Craft Market; we'll be out every nice weekend from now until the end of October.

Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market

It's still early in our season, but Sue had lovely plants, fresh asparagus, and rhubarb from my mother's garden. Mom included her great recipe for rhubarb pie. There were beautiful herbs and hanging baskets, and Sue has been working all winter on her gourds. Lots of them left for new homes this weekend!

D. L., me and Dave

Sunday was an extra-special day! D. L., of the Blue Ridge Gazette, and his wife, Dawn, came to visit. We've been working together on the blog and magazine for a couple of months, but this was the first opportunity that we had to meet in person. We hit it off like old friends, with lots in common and plenty to talk about. It was delightful to sit and spin while visiting. I think they had a good time with our little festival, although we all nearly froze. Then along came Dave, of Here, There and Back, and it was really old home week. I got busy with customers a couple of times but when I looked up I could see that Dave and D. L. seemed to have a lot to talk about. I was sorry not to be able to meet Dave's wife, but they were having water problems down at Groundhog Mountain. I hope she gets to come visit with us soon as well!

Dawn and Leslie
Dawn and Me

Dawn, D. L. and Dave fit right in with our little crowd, and we had lots of fun talking about blogging, Blue Ridge, dogs and crafting. And of the trials and tribulations of country life, which not one of us would trade for all the cities in America. In the afternoon my brother got a little group of talented local musicians together and entertained the crowd. He had just come off the road from Kansas, but seemed to enjoy picking in the field with his friends.

Sammy Shelor and Friends
Sammy Shelor and Friends

I was expecting the three "D's" that I have become acquainted with through blogging, but I had an unexpected nice surprise in the afternoon when a dear friend from high school and her family came by to visit. They brought their new puppy along, a real sweetheart that was happy to meet so many dog lovers all in one place. My camera disk was full and I couldn't find my extra, so I didn't get any puppy pictures. But I hope to see them all again soon!

We were all tired but happy by the end of the day, and packed up full of ideas for more fun festivals and more plans to meet with good friends, new and old. I'm thinking about a dye day this week, possibly Wednesday. Are you out there, Sandra?

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