Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May Days

We seem to have our April showers in May; after lots of lovely days at the first of the year rain and cooler weather have settled in. Much needed, of course, but it does interfere with planned outside chores. I sheared ISeeSpots Elwood Blues yesterday. He's one of the oldest rabbits here, almost six. His wool production has slowed down considerably and some days he seems that one foot is bothering him. But other days he hops around like a bunny, and he eats well no matter what. I packed his cage with hay after I sheared him, to keep him warm if the night gets too cool.

Not much other news. Still working on the crocheted rug for my booth and after this weekend I decided to add the chair pad. I ran out of one color of the yarn but was able to substitute another blue for the one that didn't stretch far enough. It would have annoying to have to order another skein. Otherwise I've just been working on the computer, setting up author interviews for BRG and trying to scout up writers for Gossamer Strands.

And over at Hillbilly, Please, JAG was talking about this little game she found. I had to check it out, certain types of games fascinate me. This game is delightful; if you into fast-paced action it won't do a thing for you. This is a slow-moving puzzle, with scenes that are pure art. Check out the rest of their site; it's amazing. But only go there if you want to burn up some time!

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