Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Joy's Litter
Joy's Litter

New baby bunnies! Well, about eleven days old now, and already bouncing around in the nest box. The one at the top that looks sort of silver is probably a lynx; he has agouti markings. There's also a chocolate and chocolate agouti bunny in there. And do you see those great big white ones? Not what I was hoping for, those white crossed buns! There are some eyes opening already!

I'm busy cleaning the house for company, and for me. Sometimes I want a tidy house; I just hate being the one to do it. My allergies are so stirred up from the dust and mold. But the upstairs is in good shape; I packed up a bunch of clothes to go to Goodwill and now I have a place to put the piles of clothes that have been laying around in the way. Today I'm heading for the bunny house to clean that up. It isn't too bad, but next week is going to be busy and I don't want to get too far behind.

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Cathy said...

Give Chris a hug, have Chris give you a hug - claim the hugs are from me. I'll be envious and waiting stories. Having fun is assumed.