Wednesday, May 31, 2006

After the Weekend

Felted Rug and Chair Pad
Felted Rug and Chair Pad

Memorial Day weekend was absolutely beautiful. Clear skies, cool breezes for most of the time and lots of fun and company throughout the three days. Our weekend started on Thursday, when SO and I headed down to Asheville to pick up a rabbit from Cathy at Perfect Spot Farm for Chris. Known affectionately as Harvey, this buck is a great fellow. We bred him to three of my does; there should be lots of grand babies soon here! It was great to see Cathy, too, and I'm hoping she will be able to visit us here before long.

The trip to Asheville was a bit of a washout otherwise. We got started late and then it rained, but we got some rest and were ready to head home and tackle all the chores for the festival. Three tents had to go up; we bought a new pop-up for me that works much better than the little tent I had before. Sue used the little tent for her plants and it worked very well.

My Booth at Hit and Miss
Greenberry House at Hit and Miss

Chris arrived late Friday night, and we had a little time to visit before we all headed for bed. Saturday she set up to demonstrate felting while I did my usual spinning. Cousin JAG came by to visit and she took some wonderful photos of Chris and the felting process, along with lots of other great pictures of the festival. I think her dad took some of the festival shots, too.

So many people visited I'm sure that I'll miss mentioning them all, but Linda from Goin' Up Cripple Creek spent Saturday morning with us. It was lots of fun to sit and spin together, and then she went over and helped Chris with the felting. Chris made a beautiful purple scarf for me from my dyed angora. I wanted to get a picture of it for this entry but my camera battery finally died. Dave came over from Here, There and Back, with his beautiful wife Wanda. It was wonderful to finally meet her. We caught up on some news from down the Parkway. The most exciting thing was that they are planning to take over operation of the Orchard Gap Market and Deli, just ten miles down the road.

Antique Tractor
Antique Tractor at Hit and Miss

There were 48 big and little engines at the show. I didn't get a chance to look at many of them closely but they looked and sounded fascinating. There is a rhythm and a spare utilitarian beauty to old things that just doesn't seem to exist now. There was an ice cream maker that someone was operating with one of the engines and someone was also roasting peanuts.

Our Antique Booth at Hit and Miss
Greenberry House Antiques

We also set up an antique booth as part of the festival, with the Civil War stuff, some bottles and some silver. There was another antique dealer and several craft vendors. Woodworkers, jewelry makers, a painter, baskets, pottery; a pretty good representation. Sales were good on Saturday, when all the engines were around. Next year the hit and miss people plan to stay longer.

Dinner out every night, talking about bunny plans with Chris and everything and anything else. Not good for my diet but lots of fun, of course. Then we came back and slept in a tent set up in the festival area, so we could guard crafts and antiques. A couple of other people camped out as well so that they could set up their engines.

Dornell Pratt and Sammy Shelor, Hit and Miss
Darnell Pratt and Sammy Shelor

On Monday afternoon a newcomer to the area, Darnell Pratt, entertained. Sammy accompanied her and it was lovely to sit and spin while listening. She does bluegrass and some old songs with a Scottish/Celtic flavor, folk songs and gospel. The music suited the mood and scenery; the breezes tossed the long grass in the fields behind them.

Then, after a long and successful weekend we packed up the tents and stock and brought it all back down to the house, to be greeted by happy dogs. Tj had a lot of trouble through the weekend remembering to be good with so much going on, but he did pretty well. It was fun to do bunny chores with Chris, comparing notes all the while. It got warm enough during the weekend that I had to pull out the fan for the bunny house. It cooled things down pleasantly.

Yesterday I had to work, and today I'll be putting together the Blue Ridge Gazette June on-line issue. Time to get to work on that, with a sleeping spaniel at my feet and a rollicking Lab trying to distract me.

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That looks like such a relaxing weekend, although I know it was a lot of work!