Thursday, April 13, 2006

What a Day Should Be Like

Greenberry's Autumn Joy
Greenberry's Autumn Joy

Except for the minor annoyance of having to do an unfamiliar little writing job, yesterday was just about perfect. Friend Kym came over early for our walk, and the day came out around us beautifully as we headed over the ridge. Warm enough and not too warm in a rosy dawn.

The rabbits were cheerful and hungry, with just a few empty water bottles to fill. The dogs romped in the sunshine while I did the chores. There early daffodils have faded, but the late daffodils, jonquils and some bluebells are filling the bed in front of the house. Everything is coming up all at once; irises, lilies, hostas, and leaves are coming out on the climbing roses. I picked dandelion leaves and flowers for the rabbits.

I came back in to the surprise of being picked as Michele's Site of the Day. That was fun; I had just found her recently because of seeing the odd comment "Michele sent me" on different blogs. Finally someone mentioned just where Michele was. Fun site, with lots of comments games. I tend to stay with the fiber bloggers and neighbors, so it's interesting to wander to different types of blogs occasionally. There are some talented people out there.

In the early afternoon I went down and brought Autumn Joy up for shearing. This girl is one of my favorite rabbits, a chocolate chin with a sweet personality and a wonderful mother. I sheared a heavy coat from her while she lolled patiently in my lap. It was a bit windy so I brought her inside. Lily pretended she didn't see the rabbit from her spot on the couch.


I haven't posted a naked bun picture lately. Joy was quite happy to get rid of the heavy coat, now that warmer weather is coming on. I bred her to Quenten and she was happy to oblige. My nicest bunnies last year were from a litter from these two, so I'm excited to see new bunnies coming from them. There will be chocolate bunnies in this nest box. Joy will be retiring this year from motherhood. She's almost three and has done a good job with lots of babies for me. From now on she'll just grow lots of wool.

More Yarn!
Stash Enhancement Delivery

I rarely buy yarn, for obvious reasons, but I have been looking and looking at this pattern in the last Interweave Press Crochet magazine. I don't use patterns often, but the colors in this just grabbed me. It's a felted rug and chair pad, and I'm thinking to use them when I go out on spinning demonstations and for craft shows. I want to dress up my booth a little, no, a lot, and this will be a fun first step. The pattern is extremely easy and I started on the rug last night. I think it will go fast.

Didn't feel as well this morning as yesterday, so slept in instead of getting out to walk. Feel very guilty. Busy day ahead, though, so I wanted a little extra rest.

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