Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A to Z

Dave at Here, There and Back has tagged me. So if you want to know the A to Z, here it is:

Accent: Southern Highland, corrupted by years spent with an English boyfriend and living in other areas.

Booze: Not a big drinker. I like poofy drinks, strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas. A good dry wine.

Chore I Hate: Housework; you name it, I hate it. Love a clean house but hate to do it myself!

Dog or Cat: Yep, both of them. Always. Two dogs now, a spaniel cross and a Labrador Retriever. Spaniel Lily is my protective constant companion, Lab TJ is a bundle of puppy love and energy. Three cats, an ancient calico, a sweet heart tabby and my personality boy, a long-haired black.

Essential Electronics: The computer. DVD player is nice but I'm not as attached to it.

Favorite Perfume: Anything lavender.

Gold or Silver: I adore jewelry! Silver is my choice, or white gold.

Hometown: I was born in Danbury, NC, because there was no closer hospital at the time. My parents are both fifth + generation Meadows of Dan natives, so this is home.

Insomnia: Very rare.

Job Title: Bunny lady, bookseller, collectibles dealer, gardener, magazine editor, minister, computer operator, blogger, writer, accountant, web page designer, artisan.....

Kids: Nope!

Living arrangements: Living on the family farm with my dad, a Springer Spaniel cross, a Labrador Retriever, three cats, a cockatiel, a roomful of wool, twenty German and German Cross angoras and tools of the trades.

Most admirable trait: I dunno. Patience, maybe.

Number of sexual partners: Can't tell. My mom reads this. (Not many, really. REALLY!)

Overnight hospital stays: Just once, I think, when it was me. When I was about seven, with pneumonia.

Phobias: Cockroaches. Shudder.

Quote: Many, but my all time favorite is at the bottom of the blog in the footer.

Religion: I was raised Presbyterian and don't reject any faith.

Siblings: One younger brother, who is a musician.

Time I wake up: Always early, time depending on whether we're walking or not.

Unusual talent or skill: Don't know of anything.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: What, you can refuse to eat something?

Worst habit: Procrastination.

X-rays: Can't remember any.

Yummy foods I make: I don't cook much anymore, but used to do a good soup and chili.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

I know, pretty dull. Go have a look at the Lifecruisers. I would love to have these folks as neighbors!

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