Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring Chores!

Greasy Bend Red Bud
Redbud at Greasy Bend

Quiet, cool weekend; I spent most of the time working on the computer for different people in different places. Then there was a little gathering for my dog groomer's birthday; I was a bit late because of working but got to see a few people I know. Nice to visit a little, and I passed out flyers for a couple of the festivals coming up here.

After more computer work in the cool of yesterday morning, I got out and tackled more bunny house cleaning chores. My sister-in-law brought a little wagon over and parked it close to the barn so I can fill it with bunny manure and waste hay. I worked on emptying trays for a couple of hours and then had to head down the mountain for some accounting catch-up at the hardware store. It's a different world down there. Lots of green leaves and new-mown grass.

Redbud Branches in Late Afternoon
Redbud in Late Afternoon

I stopped on the way back up the mountain and took a picture of some of the lovely wild redbud in the mountain. When they straightened the road at the foot of the mountain, they cut out a treacherous curve known as "Greasy Bend". The story is that a pig truck turned over there a long time ago. I love seeing the redbud; it's a beautiful first sign of spring!

Gathering Fertilizer
Bunny House Gold!

When I got home my industrious sister-in-law and her son were busy collecting more bunny poop from the manure pile by the old apple tree stump. They had already spread the wagon that I had filled earlier in the day.

Second Plowing, Waiting for Disk
Market Garden

I walked down with the dogs to get some pictures of the market garden for Sue's web page. They've plowed five beds, and are just waiting to have my uncle come over with a disk to break things up better before they till and we start planting. Sue has a LOT planned; this is a nice big garden!

Spring Sights: Skunk Cabbage in the Swamp
Skunk Cabbage in the Swamp

One of my favorite spring sights on the farm is seeing the skunk cabbage coming up in the marshy areas around the creek. I don't get near it; the dogs even seem to stay away but to me it's beautiful to see the bright green leaves unfurling above the dead straw of last year's growth.


The dogs and I headed in under a wonderful sky. The moon was up as the sun set, high above the shadowy woods. There are violets blooming in the fields, and dandelions in the yard. Already the grass has turned a rich green in the yard, and will soon need mowing. Bunnies will enjoy the dandelion leaves.

Settled in last night to more work on the slip-stitch purse, but I'm not happy with it right now. I had planned a decorative stitch for the flap closure, but it's not working with this yarn. Too bulky against the neat rows of slip-stitch. So I'll probably frog what I've done and make a simpler design.

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