Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Little Hectic...

for a couple of days. A quick trip to West Virginia to pick up bookcases and lumber for the shop, then yesterday I worked at the hardware store. In between I've been spinning and crocheting like mad. It just occurred to me that the first festival here on the farm is next weekend!

Today will be a peaceful day at home. The sun is out after a day of much-needed rain, and I'm planning to work on the computer, getting the May issue of the Blue Ridge Gazette magazine up by tomorrow. I hope. We have some terrific articles this time; Blue Ridge Gazette blog has added some talented people this month. Speaking of talent, Jagasaurus has a great article on the May issue.

Spring is bursting outside; new green leaves haze the hills, with bursts of white sarvis and dogwood. Gardens are full of iris and lily leaves, ready for May bloom. And inside allergies are plaguing. I'm not inspired when I have allergies. I think the whole situation short-circuits my brain, either with the sneezing or with the medication to prevent the sneezing. Bleh.

Mostly plying lately on the spinning wheel, which now needs another drive band. I need some cotton cord; the nylon I have just doesn't work well. I'm searching around for some beads or buttons to embellish the little mohair bags I've finished, but nothing is striking me. The cranberry and dark green are hard colors to match. Uninspired; see paragraph above!

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