Saturday, April 01, 2006

Interview - Slow Road Home

I was honored on Thursday morning with the chance to interview Fred First, author of a wonderful new book of memoir, Slow Road Home. I didn't say much about it before, partly because I want to save my impressions for the book review I'm writing for the Blue Ridge Gazette and partly because I wasn't sure if Fred was ready to announce that he was doing interviews. But his blog is commenting on the exciting news that the book will be available soon.

Personally I can't wait to get my hands on a real copy of this book. I have been delving into a review copy .pdf file on the computer, but there's nothing like holding a volume in your hands. I'm a person that devours books, reading cover to cover in a rush to absorb words and meaning and experience. But this lovely book stopped me cold sentence after sentence. It's a book to pick up and savor, then put down to think about the phrases and meanings. I'll be reading this memoir for years. It speaks of a man's personal journey, and it speaks to my personal journey. I am in awe.

Pay a visit; you'll be delighted!

Slow Road Home ~ A Blue Ridge Book of Days
by Fred First / Goose Creek Press / Floyd, Virginia

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