Monday, March 06, 2006


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I don't want to talk about it.

Absolutely lovely weekend, beautiful weather and good company. After a glorious trip down the mountain for grocery shopping on Saturday, Sunday was a fun time heading out to an antique show in Floyd. The show wasn't much but we stopped in at an antique shop for a lovely browse through all sorts of fun things. I found these:

Old Books from Antique Shop Prowl
Farm Memories and Gladys Taber

Taber is an old favorite; I just love curling up in my reading chair on a cold winter's day and visiting Stillmeadow. The first book I remember reading by Taber was about one of her cats, when I was quite small, and I've enjoyed her writing ever since. Gladys would have loved blogging!

I haven't run across Marion Nicholl Rawson before. This book is a detailed study of the American farm, according to the dust jacket. Nice drawings of old farm equipment and old farm buildings. It was written in 1939, and it's interesting to see that on the dust jacket the writer comments this early about disappearing small farms.

I had a bunny delivery on Sunday afternoon, and met the delightful young lady who purchased the little black buck near the Interstate. I really need to remember to bring a camera; she was thrilled with the little puffball! I think her younger sister was as taken with him. Erikah wants to learn to spin; I'll be interested in hearing how things go. This was a very nice bunny and it's great to see him get such a good home.

The highlight of the weekend was a vist from JAG. She and the favorite cousin came over to meet TJ and pay homage to Lily, with a peep at the rabbits along the way. TJ was a little rambunctious and had to retire to his crate, but Lily was gracious in her attentions and glad to see RJ, who is an old friend. We went to dinner, chatting all the way about blogs, books, movies and other important issues of the day. JAG loved her scarf, and I chased her down with the camera:

JAG modeling her scarf
JAG modeling Coopworth Scarf

Well, almost made it. JAG is swift and I thought there might be a sharp snickersnee in reserve in that darkened room. Sorry, Cathy.

JAG is going to be stunned this morning. We went to the gym under cloudy skies with a threat of showers hanging over us, and came back out to see snow falling. The ground is white and it's still coming down. I saw robins in the yard on Saturday, so I was expecting snow soon. But RJ says the red-winged blackbirds are here, too, so spring isn't so far away.

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