Thursday, March 16, 2006


Crocheted Purse, Beginning
Crocheted purse in mystery yarn

Being away from the house so much has left me with very little to write or think about. The people I'm working with are really nice but it's more than I'm used to dealing with them on an everyday basis. Have to get used to it, if we finally get this store building up. But I'll be in my space, then, and there's a big difference.

Last night, despite the fact that there's a scarf on the knitting NEEDLE that I need to figure out how to bind off, mohair singles on the spinning wheel that need to be finished and plyed, and a crocheted scarf about three quarters done, I started another project. This is one I've been thinking about since last summer. Scarves have done well, shawls OK, hats so-so, but I think I may need to jazz up my 'spring line' with some purses. So I started this one last night. I'm making it with a technique known as Old World or slip stitch crochet, which is just what the second name implies. It's simply rows of slip stitch crochet, worked in rounds in either the front or back of the stitch in the previous row. You can make a textured surface by varying the placement of the stitches. The yarn I'm using for this is a very loose three-ply that I bought at an auction awhile back. It was very cheap, so it cuts the cost of the purse a bit.

It's still cool but the wind has finally died down a bit. Yesterday I thought it was going to tear out the old pine tree here by the roots. My watering can flew across the fields, with TJ behind it, but he's still not quite big enough to carry it back to me. So I walked out to retrieve it, buffeted by wind, while he danced around my feet with ears flapping wildly.

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