Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Trip Down Squirrel Spur Mountain

At the top of Squirrel Spur
Tall Slim Trees Along the Winding Road

View from Squirrel Spur
Rolling Valleys in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Pinnacles Area
Near the Pinnacles, from Squirrel Spur

Mountain Views from Squirrel Spur
Southern Mountains, With Pilot Mountain on Horizon

Small Stream
Small Mountain Stream

The Blue Ridge
The Blue Ridge Mountains, Home

For a year I've been planning to photo-document a trip down Squirrel Spur, a winding road down the mountain with some of the most beautiful views in our area. I finally remembered the camera when we headed down toward Mount Airy for errands yesterday, and the weather was glorious for photos. My camera can't capture the real beauty, only a vague idea comes across of the glory of standing beside this road and looking out across these soft rolling mountains. When I came back I found an email in my box directing me to this new photo blog: CTG's Photos. To see the real beauty of Squirrel Spur, check out the stunning views he captured. (Folks might recognize this photographer from commentary on Hillbilly, Please.)

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