Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tiny Shopping Spree

Spoiling myself a little, but it's business, right?

Spent yesterday with the favorite cousin on our usual weekly trip to town for conversation and bunny feed. Conversation takes priority, along with our favorite place to eat. We had the same charming young waitress, who makes us feel special. That's a real gift; we'd both like to take her home and adopt her!

Not much shopping for us, although I did head back to the bookstore where I saw these last time we were there. I know I'm hopelessly behind with Debbie Stoller's Stitch and Bitch, but I'm just now learning to knit, ya'll. Again. Inspiring to know how long it took another knitter to get into it! There's a SnB about an hour away; I have some transportation issues right now but I'd like to get into it sometime.

The felted crochet book is beautiful. I probably won't do a single project in it; I'm not much for following patterns these days. But, like the other crochet publications I've obtained recently, it serves as inspiration and has some techniques I haven't tried. I've been working on some patterns for pocketbooks; need to dig out the yarn and start my prototypes.

Lovely morning; we went to the gym and watched the sun rise through a haze of clouds over the mountains as we drove home. The dogs are out; romping in the sun, and I'm gathering my ambition for a day at home. At long last. More bunny chores and hopefully a bunny haircut on the agenda!

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