Friday, March 03, 2006

Sweet Hearts

TJ and his big dog, all worn out
Exhausted and Happy

It was a beautiful day yesterday, despite a cloudy beginning. Sandra wasn't well so I didn't get to visit with her, so I plunged into work here. Sad not to see her but hoping we can get together soon.

The dogs had a wild romp for a long time outside, enjoying the warmth of the day while I did morning chores. TJ ran wildly after me to check out what I was doing, then charged back up the hill to wrestle with Lily. They came in, exhausted, and collapsed in a heap by my computer chair, snoring away while I got started on a few computer tasks for the day.

Greenberry's Thomas Delaplane
Greenberry's Thomas Delaplane

The afternoon was pleasant and still so I sheared this lovely buck, Tommy. He's my favorite fellow in the rabbitry, a sweet, gentle boy that is always at the front of his cage for petting. He's a dream to shear, lying quietly for however long it takes to harvest his lovely, thick coat. His color is lovely with the rich pewter tones that I so enjoy spinning in black angora. Can you tell black is my favorite angora color?

Cleaned more trays in the rabbitry; it will be nice to have things tidy again. I don't know if it was the gym yesterday or the hauling of a heavy bucket of manure, but my shoulders are sore this morning! It was nice, though, working out in the afternoon sun. I saw that my daffodils are peeping up and the pussywillows are starting to break out of their little covers.

When the weather gets warm I like to walk out with the dogs for their last run of the evening. The wind picked up in the late afternoon, and when we went out it was roaring in the trees. In the darkness it sounded like a wild sea nearby. We went out into the fields and I looked back to see that the moon had risen above the house, a upturned crescent in a satiny sky. The stars are warmer now, twinkling and seemingly nearer than the crystal brilliant distance of winter. The house looked cozy under the sky, with a lamp in the window behind a curtain of ivy. Then the wind rushed down to toss the dry grass at my feet with a chill that reminded me it was still winter, and we headed back in.

I worked on the crocheted scarf last night; hoping to finish it before Jane comes home but now it's not looking likely. Still possible, as it's a cold, gray morning and I may not be inspired to tackle more bunny chores!

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