Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Mohair Slip-Stitch Purse
Mohair Slip-stitch Purse

Yesterday I had to go to Stuart in the afternoon, so I spent the morning on odds and ends chores after an intense weekend of computer work. Only a few rabbit water bottles were frozen, and with the bright sunny day, although still cold, I felt inspired to do some general tidying up. I filled out some paperwork for shows and other business stuff and sent it off; that felt like a great accomplishment.

TJ spent the morning outside in the sunshine. All that puppy energy is expended much better in running wildly through the yard, and he seems to enjoy wandering around and sniffing. I keep an eye on him, but so far he's been very good about staying close. Lily curled up on the couch, glad of some quiet time without a puppy pulling on her. TJ can get a bit demanding when it comes to attention, and Lily has been very patient with the fact that he nudges into her petting time. So I settled onto the couch with her for awhile, with my latest crochet project. This is another slip-stitch purse, made from the mohair yarn I finished spinning last week. I watchd the birds and worked, while Lily rested a chin on my knee and dreamed her doggy dreams.

Long afternoon at the hardware store; I stayed over to keep from having to go back today. When I got home, after tending to puppy and rabbit feeding chores, I found the Spring issue of Spin-Off magazine in the mail. The scarves on the cover are lovely, though far beyond my limited knitting ability. I haven't had time to read every page of the magazine, but there's a wonderful article on sheep in Nova Scotia, with some beautiful pictures of women spinning. Like the author, I often think of the timeless tradition of spinning and creating that we have inherited.

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