Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Yesterday dawned sunny, then clouds came over with some chill in the air again. I spent all day at home, taking care of more odds and ends of computer work in the morning. Then I spent the afternoon with the very satisfying job of cleaning more bunny trays in the bunny house. I sheared off a couple of bucks that had blown their coats before shearing time; I think the weird weather triggered that. A young cousin and her daughter dropped by to discuss getting a rabbit for the little girl, but we decided together that maybe a fuzzy angora wasn't the best choice for a busy family. I invited them to visit the shop during the summer, since they've both shown interest in fibery pursuits.

I have a couple of does due for shearing. My gorgeous pure German Angora Highland Mary has the prettiest coat right now. Very impressive when people come to call. But it needs to come off this week and probably I'll breed her to Storybook Dreams' Alm Uncle. He's kind of small and she's a really big girl, so it should be a nice match. I'll breed her daughter to Woolybuns Puff 'n Stuff when Bina is ready for shearing.

Last night I settled in to try to finish the last article on my grandmother for the Blue Ridge Gazette blog, but clouds rolled in and the first rumble of thunder warned me to get the computer turned off and unplugged. There were a few flashes of lightning and more thunder, but the storm didn't last long. Lily used to ignore thunder storms, but now she barks at them and growls back. I'm not sure if it was Lily's reaction or the storm itself but TJ was nervous. Not totally freaked like some dogs but frightened. He headed for the door, not the best idea and begged to be let out. I coaxed him back in and put him in his box so he could feel safe. Lily settled by my feet while I crocheted on the mohair purse; she growled occasionally when the thunder got louder but otherwise didn't seem bothered.

Great day today; heading to Christiansburg with favorite cousin to obtain bunny feed and have a visit. This morning I was up early and went walking with friend Kym. We decided to give up the gym for the summer; neither of us was inspired to make the long trip every morning and we enjoy walking much more. Nice chance to discuss things and enjoy the beautiful day. I drove down Squirrel Spur before dawn and watched the stars fade. The mountains are beautiful to see from below the mountain as the sun's light spreads across the ridges. Red buds are spreading from tree to tree, casting rosy shadows against the gray trucks and blue haze in the distance. Animals were everywhere along the road in the pre-dawn shifting of light and time, deer leaping in herds across the fields, a mouse scurrying busily across just before the headlights, a strange winged creature that flew up from the road and looked brown against the gray pavement, a darting rabbit, a waddling and very black-looking possum that took a path straight down the road before heading to the side ditch and safety. And a raccoon, running across the road so fast it was hard to tell what he was, except for the destinctive rings of his tail.

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