Thursday, March 02, 2006


Dogs are weird
Dogs Are Weird

Had to take this not great picture of TJ, because he was sound asleep, resting his head against the chair leg for a pillow. He can contort into some really strange positions for sleeping, sometimes with his head doubled back under his body. Baby bones, I guess. And I thought Lily was weird for sleeping on her tail.

Rescued Skein of Coopworth/Silk Yarn
Coopworth/Silk Yarn

Thanks to my wonderful wooden swift, which is a tool to stretch out and hold a skein, I was able to rescue the Coopworth and silk handspun yarn that was mauled by the innocent looking TJ of the above picture. There were a few breaks and gnawed off pieces, so I knotted them as I wound this center pull ball. I think it looks better as a ball than a skein; I may decide to sell it like this. I often go ahead and ball skeins for buyers anyway. Since I knotted the pieces, I'll make something out of this one; it might be fun as a ruffled scarf.

I managed to shear a doe yesterday; we had lovely weather and it was time to get Misty's coat off her. She's been in with another doe because of cage space issues and didn't have a very good coat because she's had two or three false pregnancies this winter. When Misty builds a nest she's generous with the wool. I sold a little buck last week that the buyer is coming for Sunday, so I'll be able to separate Misty and Amber. The girls will be happy. I also got some trays shoveled out in the bunny barn; lots more to do down there.

I was interrupted in my bunny chores by a call for rescue at the hardware store; they had stalled out on the process we're doing and couldn't figure out the situation. The particular area where we're working is outside my experience, but I do know the program, so I went on down and we got it figured out. I was a tiny bit proud of myself; the folks at the store are by no means dumb but I got a grip on the problem quickly and resolved it.

Got up early this morning to go to the gym; really tired after a night I didn't sleep well. I've been on a health kick lately and have drastically cut down on the caffeine, but I had a soda last night with a quick dinner as I came back up the mountain. Paid for it with a sleepless night and dragging this morning. I'll perk up, though, if Sandra is able to join me for our meeting. She wasn't feeling well last night; hoping she's back to her vibrant self this morning!

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