Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Secret Project


For the last month I've been quietly working away at a new web site. This project was the brain-child of D. L. Ennis, the blogger that created the Blue Ridge Gazette blog. He invited me to write for his blog and then other writers joined, for a really creative team with different viewpoints and talent. I've been doing web pages for awhile, and suddenly I found myself designing a magazine format to take advantage of the great writing that was flowing into the blog. So, as of today, the premier issue of Blue Ridge Gazette is on-line. I'm co-editor, thanks to the generous nature of Mr. Ennis. We're hoping to sell advertising to support the magazine.

I've thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. Now that the format is done the monthly publication won't be very difficult, and I can continue writing articles for the blog. I think this type of writing, although new to me in a way, is growing more comfortable. I used to write articles for small magazines years ago, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoy this. I'll probably always tend to write more from personal experience than from any other viewpoint. "Write what you know" is good advice. Even when I write about something for the magazine or blog, it will always be something where I feel a deep connection.

So go visit the Blue Ridge Gazette, when you have time, for a look at our wonderful mountains. Then come visit us!

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