Friday, March 10, 2006

A Little Work Here, A Little Work There

Yesterday was one of those disjointed days, with odds and ends needing to be done everywhere. I worked on the computer, starting an exciting new project and finishing part two of the articles I'm doing about my grandmother for Blue Ridge Gazette. Posted that this morning. Then I did a few bunny chores and headed down the mountain for another session with that computer. Came back to fix my little dinner, wash dishes, and work more on the computer. Finally I settled down to the spinning wheel late in the evening, glorying in the colors of the mohair singles.

Amazing that you can cover an entire day filled with activity in one short paragraph!

This morning early a thick fog settled over the mountain, with spatters of rain hurling against the windows. The wind was wild during the night, roaring over the eaves and rattling windows in their frames. Pale sunshine is streaking across the fields, as low clouds purple the horizon. A lazy spaniel is curled at my feet under the computer desk, while her adventurous puppy flies across the yard outside, chasing the invisible currents of air that flap his ears and steer his tail.

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