Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gone Early, Home Late

I had to work yesterday at the hardware store, getting his new accountant started on the year's data entry. Then there was a meeting in the evening so I stayed in town. Exciting time; I hung out at the library and knitted. Saw a neat lady I know that works there but no one else I was acquainted with. The meeting was very successful, about networking with local businesses so that we can tell our customers what else is available in Patrick County. Our tourism and education people really work hard. We got in very late but it was more than worthwhile. I think Sue sold some gourds while we were there.

Came home to find that Dad had tried to tend the dogs, and that TJ had managed to get ahold of the largest skein of Coopworth and silk yarn and worry it on the couch. Annoying. I had carefully put them up out of reach, but I guess Dad knocked one down and didn't realize it. Haven't totally assessed the damage but at least one strand is gnawed in two. TJ was also uncomfortable during his potty run last night so I hope he's OK. Yarn is not a recommended part of a puppy's daily diet. He seems cheerful enough this morning. The trials of the puppy year!

I was hoping to stay home today while my young trainee worked on the backlog of data entry, but they've already hit a snag and I have to go back down to figure it out. Hope I don't have to stay long; would really like to get back into bunny chores. Looking forward to seeing Sandra tomorrow and discussing fiber business rather than hardware!

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