Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cold Day

Gourd Bottle Necklace
Gourd Bottle Necklace

If the temperatures outside yesterday passed 35 degrees I'd be very surprised. Cold and sunny all day, with some wind to remind us that winter hasn't given up yet. This morning it's 22 degrees again; more frozen rabbit water bottles. I have SO much to do in the rabbit barn, but this weather is discouraging. Sandra is supposed to come down tomorrow for a dye day; I may have to steer her clear of bunnies!

My sister-in-law spent the day here yesterday, and we worked a lot on her web site. Most of the festival pages are up and we started working on her gourd business, which is at the same URL. I still have lots of scanning of pictures to do for her. She brought me the charming little gourd necklace. I guess I've made it clear I like purple! I didn't know the type of gourd she worked with could be so small; it has a little cork in the top and matching beads on the strand. It's quite charming and I have it hanging on the computer so I can look at it. We're having a ladies' night out tonight and I'm planning to wear it then.

Today is house cleaning day, in anticipation of company. The dogs disemboweled a toy in the livingroom last night and I have to dispose of the fluffy remains. And sweep up a layer of dog hair and mop the floors. Nothing horrible but I'd rather be out hauling manure!

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