Tuesday, March 21, 2006

After the Weekend

Here comes the block
Blocks for shop foundation

Cold all weekend. I had lots of plans as to what I was going to do, but you know how planning goes. The SO was here. Nice when he visits but nice when he goes back, four hours away! The block came Monday for the store building; the foundation guy is coming "next week". Uh-huh.

Two Ply Mohair Yarn
Two Ply Mohair Yarn

Since it was cold and I was feeling a bit under the weather with the new regime of allergies, I spent most of Saturday working in the house. I straightened up the office, a real necessity since I have so many projects going right now I didn't know which way was up. It's not the way I like it too be, too much going on, but much better, anyway. As anyone can tell you, I'm not a fanatic about housekeeping. But I do like things arranged!

I finished plying one bobbin of the mohair yarn from the hand painted roving. Lovely stuff, and it turned out interesting, with long expanses of the same colored yarn. There will only be two skeins so I'm thinking of making a purse out of it.

Small bag in single stitch crochet
Slip-stitch Crochet Bag

And speaking of bags, I finished this last night. I really enjoyed this technique, and plan to make some more of these. The mohair one will be larger, and I may try felting it. I dressed up this little bag with some vintage beads and tassels, and there's a vintage pin as well.

I've been waiting all weekend for a doe to kindle; she has placidly gone about her business with no sigh of a bunny. That happens sometimes. The rest of the rabbits have been quite active with the cold days, bouncing around the cages and demanding attention when I come in. Spring is in the air, despite the cold! Today it's quite gray outside, which will quiet them. It snowed last night, one more bit of excitement for spring, but this morning it's already melting on the road and warm spots.

Still reading Stillmeadow Sampler by Tabor. This type of peaceful memoir is always comforting to me. Not great literature, or great personal revelations, but the quiet tenor of passing days does have a place. So many lives seem so desperate now. Others live day by day, thinking that their lives and world are boring. To me it's about finding the meaning in the simple tasks that make up living. Or maybe it's about creating a meaning for yourself.

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