Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well, I thought it would be a quiet week....

Jane's Scarf
Scarf for Jane

I really intended to be here this week and try to catch up on bunny chores. But the computer came in at the hardware store, where I'm helping them set up an accounting system. And I had a nice invitation from Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm to come over and discuss some business ideas, so I can't pass up the chance to see her and have another fun visit. There's a meeting tonight and another afternoon of computer work in Stuart, plus a busy weekend including a bunny delivery. NEXT week I've got to stay home!

I did spruce up my spinning wheel Sunday and get a lot of knitting done. For me, anyway. I've been checking out the Olympic knitters I've been rooting for. Everyone finished with honors! There was some lovely work: Chris at Woolybuns completed Babushka beautifully, Ranger Susie's beautiful socks came in just under the wire. There were lots of other lovely pieces and all the comments were that everyone learned a lot and really enjoyed the experience. Pressure and all!

I also stated a crocheted scarf for cousin Jane, at her request, from the Coopworth walnut dyed yarn. It's nice to get back to crocheting again, although the knitted scarf isn't finished. I'm carrying them both around, snatching odd moments here and there for work on them. The crocheted one is going fast compared to the knitted one, of course. I'm still sort of bumble fingered with the knitting! The subtle sparkle of the yarn really shows up in crocheted stitches. And yes, Jane, I'm not going to tease you this time. Hope Figaro isn't too distressed by the scarf!

I put up another article at Blue Ridge Gazette yesterday. Mom and I spent a few hours on Sunday afternoon visiting relatives and collecting information about my grandmother's early years for the article. This is one of a series on the life of a woman who probably had the most influence on me and my life. My article about Sammy and Sue is getting great response; the Bluegrass Blog linked to it and the Gazette is getting all sorts of hits because of it. Sue is, too, and it's nice to get some exposure for them. Sue's got some great ideas for the summer; I think we're going to have a lot of fun (and be very busy) around here.

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