Friday, February 24, 2006


Silk and Coopworth yarn
Silk and Coopworth Two Ply Yarn

I finally spun up 265 yards of this yarn from one silk bell and a little less than four ounces of Coopworth. Enough for a scarf or hat, I think. I have some purple and black variegated silk yarn ready for another run; there will be lots of that. I spun the yarn on a supported spindle a long time ago, I think even before I had the Reeves wheel. It must have been a much larger bell because there is a lot of it.

Silk and Coopworth Two Ply Yarn
Silk and Coopworth Yarn

There's a short length of this that I plan to knit or crochet up, just to see what it looks like. Probably should knit it since there are more knitters out there and it can act as a sample for the rest of the 'barber pole' yarns I'm thinking about doing. This is fun! I have to think of a name for the 'collection'.

Busy day away from home yesterday. Dad got out and walked, much needed exercise for him, while I was running around to the antique shop and to the aunt on the hill. I was proud to show her my little knitting efforts. She has a gorgeous scarf she has been working on made from a beautiful bulky variegated yarn. It looks woven rather than knit. I didn't know she was a knitter or I probably would have been bugging her for advice, too!

Today my sister-in-law is coming over to work on her web site some more. Then I hope to get down and visit Mom and Wendell, and then this weekend get back on track with my web site and the rabbits. I had two nice book orders through this week, but both of them selected Paypal for payment and neither one of them have paid. Annoying.

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