Sunday, February 12, 2006

TJ's First Snow

TJ's First Snow

We had about eight inches of snow, I think. During the night the wind kicked up, bringing in very cold air, and snow is drifted on the farm. I went out early to check the animals because of the sudden cold; cats were snug and the wild birds were hungry. Rabbits calm, waiting for breakfast!

Fun in the Snow
Wild Romp!

The dogs love playing in this new environment, where they can get thoroughly soaked and kick up clouds around them as they wrestle. It was too cold this morning for much of a romp outside, though; they're continuing the mock battle in the living room.

Snowy Fields
Drifted Fields

Etchings in the Drifts
Wind patterns in a drift

Barn in the Snow
Bunny barn and snow

Coopworth Skeins and Singles
Snow Day Accomplishments

I spent most of the day spinning and plying the Coopworth. Following the directions I have for the walnut dye, I heated the pot up to simmer for a couple of hours. The stuff stinks! I'm supposed to get the hulls out today and then I think I can use it. Since it's so cold I'll probably finish plying the singles today and maybe start dyeing tomorrow.

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