Friday, February 03, 2006

Spinning Along

Yesterday I did paperwork at the antique store, had a lovely visit with the aunt on the hill and then another nice visit with my mom and Wendell. Riches; he gave me starts of two grapes!

Nice to be able to use my own truck to run around, and not incovenience Dad. He has his routine of visiting the stores and wandering back roads, and I don't like to interfere. Not that I will become a roving rambler! I like being at home, but it's sort of nice to be able to just hop in the truck. With the gas prices the way they are I'm not tempted to go far!

Winter Evening
Winter Evening at Home

Last night I went back to the spinning wheel and finished filling a bobbin with the Coopworth sample I kept from the fleece I sent off to Wooly Knob Fiber Mill. Jamie called yesterday to let me know my roving was ready; I'm excited to see how it turned out! The bio page on their site is right; Jamie is a riot!

TJ is settling in well, fitting into our little family. The cat occasionally has to discipline the puppy if he gets too familiar, but otherwise it's pretty peaceful here. Lily sometimes gets cross but he is learning when to leave her alone. TJ still plays hard and when he runs across the floor he sounds like a herd of buffalo all by himself. Then he collapses, puppy-style, in a heap when he just can't play another minute.

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