Thursday, February 23, 2006

Slow, But Progress

Knitted Scarf
Knitted Scarf of Coopworth Walnut Dyed Handspun Yarn

We had a lovely day in the 'big city', despite a few clouds and a little rain. Favorite cousin was in fine form and after a great lunch and the necessary errands for bunny feed and bakery bread, we enjoyed a leisurely browse through a couple of big bookstores. I couldn't resist another crochet magazine, not quite as interesting as the one I brought home in October. But there are a couple of ideas I'm toying with.

Settled in after bunny chores to knit awhile, then switched over to spinning. The scarf is coming along. Slowly. I'm still trying to get my hands trained so that the stitches will slip off the needles easier. Seems so awkward still. But I found myself eyeing knitting books at the bookstores and saw some patterns that I thought I might actually be able to manage. That's really progress!

Finished a bobbin of Coopworth last night and almost filled another while finishing up Oliver's Travels on DVD. The second half of the series was as entertaining as the first. Some beautiful scenery acted as setting for the story, and of course everyone lived happily ever after. Except the bad guys. The complication was figuring out who were the bad guys. A lot like life!

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